Meditation Seat Ware (Seat Ware) by Fenglin Gao
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Review on the history, we rarely see cross legged sitting furniture, but since ancient times, cross legged posture has been retained, so I want to design a seat ware for cross legged sitting, and help people get into meditation realm, also help us to keep our bodys' energy.
This is a seat with a curved surface shape, people can easily achieve cross legged sitting by it. This seat ware can effectively distribute the force of the buttocks of the human body evenly to the outside of the knee and the thigh. Even if keeping long time this posture, we will not feel tired. The back can feel the support of the caudal vertebrae, increasing the support of the waist. This design is not only a reflection of culture, but also a study of ergonomics.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge of this research is that there is no original shape for reference. So I can not drew an accurate form fitting our body.
Production Technology
The center of the product is a three dimensional metal skeleton, wrapped outside with a molded sponge, and the outer surface of which is the leather.
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