Landridge House Residential House

Renaissance Planners & Designers

Interior Space and Exhibition Design Landridge House Residential House by Renaissance Planners & Designers The use of unique materials such black stainless steel, beige tinted mirror and natural wood veneers. Moving away from using normal clear mirror, beige tinted mirror adds the warmth to the interior. it also give out the same theoretical effect of making the interior space big. Even the glass railing are tinted beige, finishing it of with solid walnut handrails. The owner of the house collects lots of souveniors and artifacts from around the world, thus providing showcases for them to show off the items to their guest are crucial, at the same time having said that the space are tight, we need to intergrate the showcases into the architectural elements like walls, and doors. the showcases also acts as a sliding door with tinted glass making the spaces semi private. One of the existing bathrooms is split so as to provide an additional powder room for guests to use, so as not to interfere with the users privacy. The master bedroom headboard is also made into storage compartments to provide more storage.


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