Stratas.07 LED Pendant Lamp

Christian Schneider-Moll

Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Stratas.07 LED Pendant Lamp by Christian Schneider-Moll With high-standard processing and excellence in every detail we strive to create a simple, clean and timeless design. Especially the Stratas.07, with its perfectly symmetric shape is absolutely following the rules of this specification. The built-in Xicato XSM Artist Series LED module has got a Colour Rendering Index >/= 95, a luminosity of 880lm, a power of 17W, a colour temperature of 3000 K - warm white (2700 K/ 4000 K available on request). The LED modules life is stated by the producer with 50,000 hrs - L70/B50 and the colour is consistent over lifetime (1x2 step MacAdams over life).


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