Byron & Leach Luxury Buttoned Sneaker

Marco Vinicio Garrido Felix

Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design Byron & Leach Luxury Buttoned Sneaker by Marco Vinicio Garrido Felix The Buttoned Sneaker is the first design of the brand proposal 'Byron & Leach', created by four Mexican graphic designers: Fernando Loza, Marlen Cavazos, Mayahuel Morales & Isael Martinez. The design, inspired by the combination of the 50s rebel style and 60s gentlemen elegance, seeks to give to the sneaker a duality of use, both for party and for work. The shoe is bespoke handcrafted by a Mexican shoemaker and features a piece of Mexican silver jewelry in the backstay; unlike other sneakers this design incorporates buttons instead of laces for a more dressy and stylish look.


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